The Poem I read at my sister’s funeral


We know the purpose of our God is glorious and grand.
And yet some things that touch our lives are hard to understand.
The illness of a little child, the death of someone dear,
Tests our faith and makes us ask if God is really near.

We sometimes feel like crying out, as Jesus from the cross;
“Oh God, hast Thou forsaken in this time of my great loss?”
“The burden you have given me is more than I can bear.”
That’s when I hear my Savior say, “Let Me your burden share.”

Oh troubled soul, God knows the path that you are on today.
He knows the anguish of your heart. He hears you as you pray.
He promises that He will be beside you to the end,
And be your comfort in the night and be your dearest friend.

Take comfort in the knowledge, He remembers we are clay.
He shapes us and He molds us ‘til His image we portray.
He is the Great Creator. Let Him work as He has planned.
Sometimes while in the process, we don’t always understand.